Mission & vision
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Strategy of Development for the Community Union “Nukriani” – 2010-2015


The main objective of the Community Union “Nukriani” is to support development of an active

community based on civil solidarity. We want Nukriani to be rich with human resources and

material-technical resources, have perfect infrastructure, be ecologically clean, economically

development, equipped with contemporary technologies, rehabilitated and taken care of, a tourist

village with cultural traditions and involved in the process of regional development through its

educated and skilled human resources.


The mission of “Nukriani” Union is to contribute to Nukriani community’s welfare

improvement, promote implementation of active civil culture. With this aim, on the basis

of the community’s interests and needs, will develop and implement different programs for

development and try to resolve revealed problems through the community mobilization.


In the work process the organizations relies on the following main values and principles:


First priority of the village interests and their protection

Civil solidarity

The village’s preserved cultural traditions

Civil participation

Protection of environment, as civil responsibility

Education, as the main issue in development of the village


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  • E-mail: caucasianh@hotmail.com