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The organization “Centre for Cultural Relationship – Caucasian House” commenced its activities

in 1999 in Nukriani. Appearing of “Caucasian House” in the village promoted several interesting

initiatives. The organization created real oasis for school children, young people who care for

their personal success, general activities and welfare of the village. “Caucasian House”, apart

from the work which it was performing itself, tried to rise interest towards Nukriani in different

organizations and private persons. The German Association of People’s Universities (“DVV

International”) was one of the first of such organizations. Trainings, general and crafts tuitions

absolutely interesting and necessary for the community adults became possible on the basis of

their assistance.


In 2003-2004 financial assistance of the European HORIZON Fund allowed us to implement

full reconstruction of three-storied Nukriani Public School # 1 and put it in compliance with

international standards. Later the Fund helped us in organizing different interesting and useful

events for the village.


In 2005 the Association of Biological Sciences “Elkana” carried out training in Community

Mobilization. After these particular trainings the people being involved in the activities

of “Caucasian House” and its partners founded the Community Union “Nukriani” in 2005.



Nukriani community “Youth Centre for Culture and Education – Centre for Strategic Research

and Development of Georgia” (CSRDG) was established in the framework of the village

development program. The aim of the Centre was education of the village community – their

awareness and development of the potential of young people. In July, 2010, merging of the

Community Union “Nukriani” and “Youth Centre for Culture and Education” was decided. In

the result of merging young staff was added to the Community Union “Nukriani” and, at the

same time, new capacities were developed.

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