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Basic Directions of Development:


Cultural-Educational Program

The Aim of the Program:

Involvement of more people in cultural-education event through increasing of the quality of

cultural and educational services for the village population;

Renewed and restored cultural-education infrastructure (a village library and club);

Increasing of civil awareness among the population – more volunteers and more private civil



Ecological Program

The Aim of the Program:

Reduction of the facts of environment pollution and setting up spontaneous illegal waste dumps;

Improved service of the Municipality in the sphere of waste management;

Better quality of drinking water in the result of environment cleaning.


Program for Promotion of Employment and Self-Employment

The Aim of the Program:

Increasing of the village population’s revenues in the result of the Community Union programs

(festival sales, incomes of the women working at the workshops);

Increasing and stimulating compatibility of the village population, especially, of the youth

(employment/self-employment of retrained people, more integration in social life);

Attracting more local small farmers’ interest towards modern technologies and practices

(“Elkana” consultations).


Program for Protection of the Community Interests

The Aim of the Program:

Resolving urgent issues and problems of Nukriani community in the result of involvement in

different development programs and projects.


Program of Community Union Organizational Development

The Aim of the Program

The presented development defines the priorities of organizational development. For effective

implementation of a strategic plan it is important to perfect the organization’s resources and

management system. The main issues are: financial management, governance and structure,

more legitimization, volunteers’s network, more competence in funds attraction and general




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